Johnny Manziel Throws Water Bottle at Dude Heckling Him…at Hotel Swimming Pool (Pic)

johnny manziel throws water bottle

Johnny Manziel throws water bottle at heckler while in Texas for Byron Nelson Classic? That sure sounds like a scandal…until you hear the context.

Here’s the context: Manziel’s encounter with said heckler did not take place at the Byron Nelson Classic. It took place at the swimming pool at the Four Seasons hotel in Irving, Texas. Manziel was just trying to chill out and relax, and some 18-year-old kid was harassing him. So Manziel threw a water bottle at him.

Obviously, the water bottle throwing escalated things a bit, and police were eventually called. Hence this photo of Mr. Football chatting with the cops:

However, according to Manziel’s spokesperson, his “friends” (handlers) stepped in to prevent a skirmish, and both sides declined to press charges.

Manziel, of course, has been under even more scrutiny than usual since finishing a 10-week stay in rehab back in April. But since then he’s kept a relatively low profile, moving from downtown to the suburbs and never going out socially without the aforementioned handlers who help keep him in line.

Obvioiusly, certain folks on the interwebs are trying to make a big deal about Water Bottle-gate.

But really, can you blame Manziel for not wanting to get heckled while lounging by the hotel swimming pool? If I had an entourage with me for support, I’d probably tell the guy off, too.

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