John Oliver FIFA Rant Rips Sepp Blatter and Company to Shreds…Again (Video)

john oliver fifa rant 2

Last summer, right before the 2014 World Cup, John Oliver explained in painstaking detail everything that is, was, and always will be wrong with FIFA.

Now, in the wake of last week’s stunning arrests of nine FIFA officials, we’ve got another John Oliver FIFA rant. It’s not as eye-opening as the original, but it is still humorously informative.

Major talking points include:

  • the irony that the country that cares the least about soccer is the one finally doing something to stop the people who are ruining the game
  • the opulent lifestyles of corrupt FIFA officials and their cats
  • the brazen arrogance (and stupidity) of former FIFA VP Jack Warner
  • the bamboozling of Brazil
  • the insane death toll for migrant workers building stadiums in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup
  • the fact that the entire Women’s World Cup will be played on artificial turf
  • the reign of terror of Sepp Blatter
  • an exhortation of corporations like Adidas, McDonald’s, and Budweiser to pull their sponsorship and help rid the world of Blatter’s corruption

It’s pretty damn good. Take a look:

I don’t know if Bud Light Lime is that bad. But I get what Oliver is saying. FIFA sucks.


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