Did This Fan at Minute Maid Park Have a Gun In His Pants? (Video)

Fan at Minute Maid Park with Gun

I don’t believe there are any existing hostilities between fans of the Houston Astros and the Baltimore Orioles, but that didn’t stop this Astros fan from packing some heat while attending last night’s game between the two teams at Minute Maid Park.  And when he caught himself a souvenir during the bottom of the sixth inning, he celebrated with plenty of exuberance, causing his Superman t-shirt to rise just high enough for those watching on television to spot the gun tucked into his pants.

Hawk-eyed Twitter user Steven Miori was able to spot the firearm.  Hopefully the police were equally observant and able to arrest the dude before any damage was done.

Check it out:

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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