Prince Shembo Arrested for Killing Girlfriend’s Dog, Released by Falcons

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Atlanta Falcons linebacker Prince Shembo was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty after allegedly kicking and killing his girlfriend’s dog in April.

Actually scratch that. Make it ex-Falcons linebacker, and take out the “allegedly part.” The Falcons released the second-year player out of Notre Dame hours after charges were announced, wanting to wash their hands of Michael Vick 2.0 immediately. And we know Shembo definitely kicked and killed his girlfriend’s dog because he admitted it. The issues is whether or not we want to believe his excuse.

You see, according to Shembo’s lawyer, the 6’2″ 254-pound football player was trying to put the seven-pound dog in her crate when she bit him. This supposedly triggered some sort of self-defense reflex mechanism that led Shembo to kick the dog, which resulted in:

  • a fractured rib
  • fractured liver
  • abdominal hemorrhage
  • thoracic hemorrhage
  • extensive bruising and hemorrhage in the muscles in her front leg and shoulders
  • head trauma
  • hemorrhage and edema in lungs
  • hemorrhage between the esophagus and trachea
  • hemorrhage in the left eye with internal injuries

Obvioulsy I wasn’t there, and in America people should be innocent until proven guilty. But I’m a big guy and I know dogs, and the “self-defense” business seems pretty fishy to me. Shembo didn’t take the dog to a vet immediately. He let his girlfriend come home and find the dog unresponsive, and only told her what happened the next day. In fact, police in Gwinnett County came out and said Shembo was arrested in part “because of the inconsistencies of the suspect’s account of what happened.”

Of course, if Prince Shembo’s name sounds familiar to you but you can’t quite figure out why, maybe it’s because he was the Notre Dame player accused of raping the woman who committed suicide 10 days later when police and school officials refused to investigate the matter and one of Shembo’s Fighting Irish teammates sent her threatening texts.

Nice, right?

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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