Promposal Fail: Boy Asks Girl to Prom in Front of Entire School, Gets Rejected (Video)

promposal fail

Every year we bring you a handful of feel-good stories about high school kids who got famous people in sports to go to their prom.

There was the story about Andre Drummund going to the prom with some girl in Michigan. The one about a kid who somehow convinced the crazy hot girlfriend of Sacramento Kings rookie Nik Stauskas to go to his prom. The story about Shaun White surprising one of his fans by showing up at her prom. And of course, who could forget the story about Michelle Beadle going to prom with a paralyzed high school hockey player.

Unfortunately, today’s prom story is not like those. It will not warm your heart or make you envious. In fact, it will do the exact opposite.

Just watch this video:

I have no idea where this took place. All I know is some boy at some high school in some town in America asked some girl to go to the prom in front of the whole f#%&ing school at some sporting event. And he got f#%&ing rejected.

Do I feel bad that this kid’s promposal fail is all over the internet? Of course I do. It sucks. But if it means sparing other idiot kids in other high schools in other cities from doing something this incredibly stupid, then it’s worth it.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]


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