This 2015 Stanley Cup Finals Promo Will Quietly Get You Pumped Up (Video)

2015 Stanley Cup Finals promo

None of the other major North American sports leagues can pull off sentimental championship promos like the NHL.

Don’t get me wrong, NBA Finals promos are usually pretty decent. But the Super Bowl is way too big and absurd for any ad to come off as “touching,” and MLB promos always come off like corny Chevy commercials.

The NHL is different, though. Every year they come out with a new Stanley Cup Finals promo, and every year it’s excellent. Why? Because the Stanley Cup playoffs is the most gruelling competition in sports, and it’s almost impossible to overstate what it feels like for a player when he finally hoists that silver chalice over his head after a lifetime of dreaming.

This year’s Stanley Cup Finals promo, called “Name,” is no exception. It’s not as good as 2010’s “No Words” spot, which is one of the best ads in the history of sports marketing. But if you’re a hockey fan, it’ll definitely give you goose bumps.

Take a look:

The 2015 Stanley Cup Finals start tonight at 8pm ET on NBC/CBC.

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