Cavs Iman Shumpert Not Impressed With Guillermo’s Jokes (Video)

Iman Shumpert angry at Guillermo

With the NBA Finals set to kick off on Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel sent his parking lot security guard, Guillermo Rodriguez, to Oakland to interview players from the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Seeing as how Guillermo is a parking lot security guard for a late night talk show, and not an actual sports reporter, you’d have to assume his questions would be more about the laughs and less about the game.  Unfortunately for Guillermo, the Cavs’ Iman Shumpert is all about the game at this point in the season, and he has no interest in joking around about his team’s upcoming series against the Warriors with the NBA title at stake.

So when Guillermo asked Shumpert if he could level his hair during Wednesday’s media session, things got awkward.  Here’s a look at their exchange:

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