LFL Coach Chris Michaelson Is Very Upset with Woman in Bikini Who Just Learned How to Play Football Three Weeks Ago (Video)

lfl coach chris michaelson

The NBA and NHL are winding down. The NFL draft is over. Pretty soon all we’re going to have left is baseball. That means it’s time for the LFL to shine!

Okay, the LFL never really “shines.” It amuses every once in a while with a bonecrushing hit, or a coach tirade, or another coach tirade, or a wardrobe malfunction. But it doesn’t really shine. It’s just kind of there, continuing to exist against all odds.

Today’s clip? It features LFL coach Chris Michaelson of the Seattle Mist going apesh*t on cornerback Megan Hanson because she sucks at being a cornerback.

Take a look:

No doubt that was some pretty terrible coverage. But in Hanson’s defense, she only started playing football like three weeks ago, and she’s playing in a bikini for God’s sake. What did Chris Michaelson expect?

Anyway, somebody eventually won the game I think. I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter.

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