Mariners Manager Lloyd McClendon Ejected After Epic Tirade, Recevies Standing Ovation (Video)

Lloyd McClendon Ejected - Epic Tirade

Being a baseball manager can be tough at times.  Fans are always questioning your decisions, from batting orders to pitching changes.  And as soon as you find yourself in the midst of a 5-game losing streak during a 162-game season, half of them are already calling for your head.

So how do you get all of those fans on your side for at least a few more days?  You defend your players by yelling at every umpire, individually, and getting yourself ejected before walking off the field to a standing ovation.

The Seattle Mariners aren’t on a five-game losing streak just yet (they’re actually at 4 following last night’s loss to the Yankees), and no one is calling for Lloyd McClendon‘s head at the moment, but that didn’t stop the Mariners manager from doing his best to win over the fans at Safeco with this epic tirade that got him tossed and earned him a standing O during the third inning on Tuesday:

Great hustle, Lloyd!

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