105-Year-Old Warriors Fan “Sweetie” Is Going to Game 1 of the NBA Finals as the Team’s Guest (Video)

105-year-old warriors fan

Two weeks ago, when the Warriors were in the middle of their Western Conference Finals series against the Rockets, Mashable sports writer Sam Laird did an awesome profile of a 105-year-old Warriors fan named Sweetie.

Sweetie has not been a Warriors fan her whole life. Obviously. The NBA was founded in 1946. She was born in 1909. But Sweetie wasn’t even a Warriors fan back in 1975, the last time they won a championship. Instead, she and her husband only started watching games together in the early 90s. When he passed away in 1999, that’s when she became more serious.

Of course, that still means Sweetie has been a Warriors fan longer than most members of “Dub Nation,” who only started coming out of the woodwork in 2012. But I digress.

In her Mashable profile, Sweetie dispensed all sorts of wisdom. Most notably, she talked about the dangers of “swellhead”—which is what often happens “when you throw that money in front of their face”—and she talked about how basketball has become a “lifestyle” rather than a game you played because you enjoyed it.

Like I said, it was a great profile. So it was no surprise that the Warriors got wind of it, or that local media outlets started doing their own profiles. (Often without crediting Laird, which is classy!) Warriors coach Steve Kerr even gave a shoutout to Sweetie after the Warriors punched their ticket to the Finals.

Eventually someone asked Sweetie if she’d go to the game if, hypothetically, someone were to somehow get her a ticket. And she said “I would love to see that game in person.”

So she is. This week the Warriors called her daughter and made arrangements for Sweetie to attend Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals and sit in a luxury box in Oracle Arena.

“She’s excited,” Sweetie’s daughter Lily told some local paper that I won’t bother to name because they don’t think giving credit is important. “It’s all fun. The Warriors are stressing it’s a big thing for them too, but they want to make sure she enjoys the game and doesn’t have a lot of distractions.”

Well done, Warriors.

Hat Tip – [Mashable & Contra Costa Times]

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