Report: Allen Iverson Drunk During 2002 “Practice” Rant (Video)

Allen Iverson drunk practice rant

Here’s an interesting, but not the slightest bit shocking, piece of information to come from the recently published book, “Not a Game: The Incredible Rise and Unthinkable Fall of Allen Iverson,” by journalist Kent Babb: While giving his now-infamous “Practice” rant during a press conference back in 2002, Allen Iverson was drunk.

In his book, Babb speaks to several individuals who have come to know Iverson during his basketball career. Among them are former Philadelphia 76ers president Pat Croce, former coach Larry Brown, and former general manager Billy King.  During his interview, King told Babb that he could tell something wasn’t right with Iverson prior to the press conference, but if he had known the former NBA MVP was drunk, he never would have allowed it to happen.  Brown, on the other hand, claims he knew Iverson had gone drinking prior to the press conference, while Croce says he was watching on television and told his wife to shut it off once it became clear to him that A.I. was intoxicated.

For more on this story, ESPN has some of the details here.

And for a reminder of what Allen Iverson drunk sounds like, you can check out his “Practice” rant from 2002 in the video below:

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