Did Andrew Shaw Bite Victor Hedman? (Videos)

andrew shaw bite

Did Chicago Blackhawks agitator Andrew Shaw bite Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals?


Early in the game Hedman shoved Patrick Kane into the glass after he took a shot on goal, and Shaw jumped in to defend his diminutive teammate because that’s his job. Hedman quickly got Shaw in a headlock, but the referees rushed in to break the skirmish up, and it seemed like nothing much would come of it.

However, back on the bench, Hedman had a trainer take a look at his torso. And while he was doing so, Hedman turned to his teammate on the bench and mouthed the words “he bit me.”

Take a look:

After the game, if you asked Hedman what happened on that play, he wouldn’t go on record and say, “Andrew Shaw bit me.”

However, if you asked flat out “did Andrew Shaw bite you?” he was a bit more forthcoming.

Of course, unless there are actual bite marks, Luis Suarez-style, the NHL isn’t going to do anything about this. But you can bet they’ll be watching Shaw closely from here on out.

Hat Tip – [Chicago Sun Times]

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