Mark Sanchez Steals Phone From Some Guy Who Filmed Him Singing Backstreet Boys at a Karaoke Bar (Video)

mark sanchez steals phone mark sanchez singing karaoke

Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez has been caught eating stadium food on the sidelines during games on several occasions. He’s been caught dancing in his underwear with fully clothed groupies. He’s been caught picking his nose and wiping it on Mark Brunell. You wouldn’t think the guy would be all that embarrassed if people saw him singing some Backstreet Boys at a Philadelphia karaoke bar. Especially since he went to said karaoke bar voluntarily, fully aware that everyone would recognize him and that everybody has high definition video recording devices in their pockets at all times.

But no. Apparently Mark Sanchez really did not want people to see him sing “I Want It That Way.” Because in the video below, when a fan named Marquis tries to film him doing it, Mark Sanchez steals his phone.

Take a look:

According to the story Marquis told to Philly talk radio host Anthony Gargano on Wednesday, Sanchez was at the karaoke bar with highly respected citizen Riley Cooper. While singing “I Want It That Way,” a karaoke staple, Sanchez and Cooper actually called Marquis up on stage to join them. However, when he started filming the performance, Sanchez grabbed the phone and refused to give it back.

Sanchez later told Marquis that his phone was at the bar. However, after inquiring with all the bartenders and determining that this was not the case, Marquis confronted Sanchez again, and he took the phone out of his pocket and gave it back to him.

Ironically, in the end, this story about Mark Sanchez stealing some guys’ phone is way more entertaining than a full-length video of him singing Backstreet Boys would have been.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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