Awesome High School Kids in Trouble After Performing Stone Cold Stunner at Graduation (Video)

stone cold stunner at high school graduation

On Monday, a couple of high school kids in Miami decided they needed to do something to liven up their boring graduation ceremony. Thus, when it was his turn to walk across the stage, Nicholas Dean held up a WWE-style championship belt. Then his friend Joseph Castro ran up to him and performed Steve Austin‘s signature Stone Cold Stunner.

Take a look:

Bros, that was totally sweet. Congratulations on being famous on the internet!

Unfortunately, your actions seem to have been guided by the belief that there is nothing school administrators can do to you once they hand you that diploma. And unfortunately, that is not the case. At all. School administrators are gods among mortals, kids. They can do whatever they want, whenever they want. And that includes withholding your diploma in the event that you, say, perform a WWE move during the graduation ceremony.

Of course, that is exactly what administrators at Miami Southwest High School are doing here. They’re withholding these kids’ diplomas until they have a little meeting with them and their parents.

So was it worth it?

“Oh it was worth it,” Dean told the WPLG in Miami.

“Totally worth it,” Castro echoed.

Lesson learned!

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