The 15 Greatest NBA Finals Performances of All Time

Greatest NBA Finals Performances

For once the NBA Playoffs produced the NBA Finals matchup everybody wanted all along: Steph Curry and the Warriors vs. LeBron James and the Cavaliers. Now it’s time to see if this matchup lives up to the hype and produces some of the greatest NBA Finals performances anyone’s ever seen.

What would it take to make history? That’s the question we’re going to ask today with this list.

Of course, everybody has their own idea of what qualifies as a great performance, so we should probably clarify that we’re talking about sustained greatness here. This isn’t a list of the top single-game performances in Finals history, but of the top series performances. And while most of the ones on our list came from players on the winning team who won the Finals MVP award, that’s not the case with all of them. Sometimes even the greatest performances aren’t enough.

Got it? Good. Then lets our list of greatest NBA Finals performances by going all the way back to 1950…


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