30 Most Difficult Names to Spell in Sports

most difficult names to spell in sports

What’s in a name? Well, if that name is on this list of the most difficult names to spell in sports, the answer is lots and lots of letters, usually with a very high consonant-to-vowel ratio, arranged in such a way that even the most conscientious of sports writers can’t seem to reproduce them accurately without consulting Google. 

Are these names funny? Well, not Dick Trickle or Darren Puppa funny, no. But there is something amusing if not straight up funny about how absurdly difficult these names are. Especially if you try to pronounce them. 

Want to test your cognitive abilities? Take a look at each name one time, close your eyes, then see if you can spell it correctly. Some are definitely easier to figure out than others. Over the years I’ve been able to master #30 and #26, and #23 through phonetic devices. But for the most part, I bet you’ll struggle. 

Take a look.