Forget LeBron James and the NBA Finals. Behold LeBron James Jr. in the Hype Sports Summer Jam (Video)

lebron james jr gulf coast blue chips

When your dad is the greatest basketball player of his generation, people are going to pay attention when you step out onto the court. And that’s a lot of pressure for a little kid.

So far, though, LeBron James Jr. has done nothing but thrive in the spotlight, showing himself to be a basketball prodigy just like his dad. In fact, his mixtapes are the stuff of legends.

What is it about the kid? It’s not the athleticism. He is athletic, of course. But he’s also just 10 years old, so his pure physical ability has a long way to go. What makes LeBron James Jr. truly special is his vision, which he uses to make everyone around him better—much like his dad.

Just check out his latest mixtape. While LeBron Sr. has been busy trying to get back to the NBA Finals, LeBron Jr. has been busy leading his Gulf Coast Blue Chips AAU team to a victory in the Hype Sports Summer Jam tournament.

I have no idea why LeBron Jr. plays for a team that is apparently based in Texas. But I guess when you’re that good, and your dad is that rich, you go wherever you must to get the best possible developmental experience.

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