Papiss Cisse Married His Senegalise Fiancée in Paris, Forgot to Mention It to English Girlfriend in Newcastle (Pics)

papiss cisse wedding

When the Premier League season ended, Newcastle striker Papiss Cisse told his English girlfriend he was going on a little holiday. So she was like, cool, have fun boo!

It was only later that she realized, nope, he just got married to some other chick in Paris.

That’s the English girlfriend’s side of the story anyway. Her name is Rachelle Graham, and you’re never going to believe this, but she’s a beauty queen and model! (That was sarcasm. Every single soccer player in the Premier League is dating and/or married to one or more models.)

What did Rachelle do when she found out she’d been two-timed? Well, you’re never going to believe this either, but she went to the tabloids with her story! (Also sarcasm. That’s what they all do.) Then she took to the Twitters.

Take a look:

Graham and Cisse started seeing each other in 2013 and actually took a lot of abuse from racist a**holes on the internet who objected to the idea of a mixed-race couple.

Of course, “sources” close to Cisse say the Senegalese soccer player hadn’t been dating Graham for quite some time because he only had eyes for Senegalese volleyball player Diallo Awa, his blushing bride pictured above. But Graham says she and Cisse had been “spending time together” recently, by which I assume she means holding hands and talking about their feelings. So she was definitely floored to find out he went and married some other woman.

So the lesson here? Don’t trust men, obviously. We’re the worst.

Now here, stare lecherously at these photos of Cisse’s scorned English girlfriend:

papiss cisse girlfriend 1

papiss cisse girlfriend 3

papiss cisse girlfriend 2

papiss cisse girlfriend 4

papiss cisse girlfriend 5

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