A-Rod, Still in Damage Control-Mode, Takes a Pic with Fans (Tweet)


Like a lame duck president, A-Rod realizes that at this stage in his career, with the Yankees, he’s mostly playing to solidify his legacy, rather than achieve any more. And considering his legacy is an unholy mess of lies and vitriol, he’s got some work to do. However, he’s done a decent job this season of addressing the issue. Whether or not it could make Hall voters and fans forget the previous ten years is anyone’s guess.

But he’s gonna try.

This time around, he posed for a photo with a little girl holding up a sign requesting, “Can you take a photo with me?”

Here’s the Tweet:

How can you be mad at that guy? Uh, by having a memory longer than six months. That’s how.  I can understand giving A-Rod a second (or sixth) chance, but it’s a little crazy to insist that other people do the same. This guy was a pretty nasty dude for years and years. It’s going to take, like, twelve more pics until everyone is ready to forgive him.

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