Gronk Shaves His Head to Honor Kids Fighting Cancer (Video)


It’s nice to see that not every Rob Gronkowski story involves a nightclub, porn stars, and a party bus. Sometimes, he’s out there just being a good dude.

At the Buzz Off for Kids with Cancer foundation event, over 1,000 people shaved their heads as a tribute, and to bring awareness, to children fighting the battle against cancer. So Gronk put his money where his mouth is, taking a seat and getting a buzz right down to the scalp.

Here’s a clip of the post-shaving of Yo Soy Fiesta:

Then came the fun part…After Gronk went bald, he got to shave the heads of little kids, which sounds like a reward in and of itself. I’m sure the kids went home happy, and Gronk got to remind us that even a big dumb party animal can do some good.

Hat Tip – [FTW]

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