Groundhog Dodges Formula 1 Pack in Canadian Grand Prix (Video)


Wildlife are threatened enough by regular traffic without having to go looking for trouble, but this groundhog (gopher?) found its way onto the track at the Canadian Grand Prix, and managed to cross the track without incident. I’m sure it left a few drivers scratching their heads.

Felipe Massa was situated in front of two trailing cars when he spotted the animal, and swerved to avoid it. The whole video makes it look pretty low-stakes and slow, but I’m sure that those race cars were screaming by at insane speeds. The swerve likely didn’t affect the outcome of the race, which was won by none other than Lewis Hamilton.

Here’s a video of the rodent making its way to safety:

No harm, no foul. It’s always nice to get out for a drive and see some wildlife. Even if you’re driving 200 MPH and there are millions of dollars on the line.

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