Johnny Manziel Wins Home Run Derby at Charity Softball Game (Video)

Johnny Manziel

It might not be the turnaround Browns fans were looking for, but it’s a start. This weekend, Johnny Manziel, out of rehab and back with his team, made an appearance at teammate Joe Haden’s softball game. The Browns cornerback put together an annual game featuring Cleveland celebs for charity, and though the Cavs were a little busy to attend, the Browns had a strong showing.

But back to Johnny Manziel: the beleaguered QB managed to take home the trophy for the home run contest, knocking a 320-foot dinger. Those who have played softball know that knocking the giant ball that far is quite a feat. Manziel was able to best both Larry Fitzgerald and noted loudmouth Richard Sherman in the contest. Not too bad.

For the media, they’ll take what they can get from Manziel, who hasn’t spoken to the press since beginning OTAs. I guess he’d rather let his performance do the talking, which is probably a wise decision at this early point in his career.

Here’s a clip of the event:

I guess it’s a start on the long road back to redemption. I’m sure the Browns would have preferred he win a flag football contest or something.

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