Two Dudes Pick On Old Man (Who’s an Ex-Boxer)…Guess What Happens Next (Video)

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Old people may seem like an easy target to some, but what those people don’t realize is that, in their early days, some of these old people were first-class ass kickers.  Some of them may have even kicked some ass for a living back in their heyday.  And if that’s the case, you’d assume they would still know how to defend themselves, at the very least.

As for these two drunk dudes who were leaving a store in Russia, they didn’t assume anything when they decided to pick on some old man on the street. And because this old man just so happened to be an ex-boxer, they both ended up flat on their backs with a massive headache and no clue what hit them.

The next time you think about picking on an old person, think twice, or risk ending up like these two suckers.

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