Donate to the Tonya Carpenter GoFundMe Campaign…If You Can Figure Out Which One Is Legit

tonya carpenter gofundme campaign

Good news: Tonya Carpenter, the Red Sox fan who suffered life-threatening injuries after being struck in the head by a flying bat on Friday night at Fenway Park, is now stable and expected to survive.

Bad news: Carpenter now faces a lengthy recovery process, and as anyone who’s ever read the fine print on the back of a Major League Baseball ticket will tell you, the Red Sox are not liable for her injuries. So she’ll likely experience some significant financial hardship as a result of all this.

More good news: according to the Associated Press, some of Tonya’s friends have set up a Tonya Carpenter GoFundMe campaign to help her out. And this is a fantastic idea.

More bad news: there are actually more than one GoFundMe pages claiming to benefit Tonya Carpenter.

There’s “Tonya’s Road to Recovery,” set up by Mickey Markou and Michele Fleury on June 7. That one’s looking to raise $30,000, and is referenced in a NECN article.

Then there’s “Help Tonya-The Long Journey Forward.” It was also set up on June 7, ostensibly by Mark Carpenter, Tonya’s ex-brother-in-law. That one’s seeking to raise a whopping $120,000 for Tonya, and is referenced by the AP article.

It’s quite possible that both pages are legit. But if Tonya’s friends and family really want to raise money for her, they should get in touch with each other and shut one of these GoFundMe pages down. I’m certainly not going to donate anything until I know where my money is going.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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