Former NCAA and NBA Players Playing for $1 Million in “The Basketball Tournament”

the basketball tournament

Want to build a basketball team and compete in a basketball tournament with a first prize of $1,000,000? Well, thanks to a basketball tournament called (cleverly enough) “The Basketball Tournament,” you can. Applications are free and anyone 18 or older (willing to forgo their amateur status) can sign up. Teams can have 7-12 players plus one general manager, one coach, and one booster who promotes the team on social media.

Of course, there is just one small catch. While literally anyone can sign a team up for The Basketball Tournament, or TBT for short, the final field of 97 teams will be decided by online fan voting. The 18 teams with the most votes in each of four regions—Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia—will get in automatically. Then an additional six teams in each region with a minimum of 100 votes will get at-large bids.

What that means is that teams with famous people as players, coaches, GMs, and boosters will get in. Your team of buddies from high school will not…unless you’re brilliant at social media marketing and/or you are playing for a cause and have a major charity as a booster.

TBT began last year with a field of 55 teams featuring a bunch of former college players competing for a prize of $500,000. It was won by a team made up of former Notre Dame players called The Fighting Alumni. This year the prize is doubled, and in addition to alumni from Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Maryland, Georgetown, Temple, Princeton, and Ole Miss, TBT will also feature over 40 former NBA players like Nate Robinson, Brian “White Mamba” Scalabrine, Jason Williams, Dahntay Jones, and Smush Parker.

NBA players cannot play for contractual reasons, of course. But they can serve as GMs, coaches, and boosters. And some of them are, including Matt Bonner, Nick Young, and not-yet-drafted Frank Kaminsky.

Sounds cool, right? Like, you kinda want to watch it, don’t you? Well you can watch it on ESPN and ESPNU starting July 10.

For more details and a full rundown of the schedule, click here.

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