$315K in American Pharoah Winnings Still Unclaimed

American Pharoah

I guess the fairweather fans at the Belmont Stakes were so swept up in the moment of triumph for the Triple Crown winner that they forgot to collect on their bets. Either that, or the American Pharoah backers valued their $2 betting tickets as souvenirs more than they did the $3.50 that their tickets were worth.

Ok. That last part makes sense. The odds on American Pharoah to win weren’t great for bettors, and they just got worse as everyone dogpiled on with Triple Crown fever. And the uncashed tickets are going for $20-30 on eBay, so that’s some pretty easy math right there.

Whatever the reason, a total of $315,829 was left behind at the cashier. The ticketholders have until March 31, 2016 before the unclaimed funds go to New York State. I wouldn’t count on a lot more people coming forward, so maybe they can budget a bunch of new chalk for schools, or 1,000 new iPads for prisoners or something.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]



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