Andy Samberg Tennis Mockumentary About a Seven-Day Tennis Match Looks Pretty Great (Video)

andy samberg tennis mockumentary

To my knowledge, there are no good tennis movies.

There are good baseball movies, good football movies, good golf movies, good boxing movies, and good hockey movies. Hell, there are even a few good movies about running. RUNNING!

But tennis? Unless you really, really love Sean William Scott, star of a 2009 movie called Balls Out no one has ever heard of, the pickings are pretty slim. (Woody Allen‘s Match Point was pretty good, of course. But if that was a “tennis movie,” then Wedding Crashers was a “lawyer movie.”)

Why do I bring all this up? Because HBO made an Andy Samberg tennis mockumentary called 7 Days in Hell about a fictional seven-day Wimbledon match. And if it lives up to the potential promised by the trailer, it could very well be the first truly great tennis movie ever made.

Samberg stars as Aaron Williams, who looks like Andre Agassi circa 1992. Kit Harrington of Game of Thrones fame plays Charles Poole, who looks an awful lot like Roger Federer. And numerous other famous people either play themselves (Serena Williams and John McEnroe), “tennis historians” (Will Forte and Fred Armisen), or Jordache executives (Lena Dunham).

That’s right. Jordash executives.

Take a look:

7 Days in Hell premiers July 11, 2015, on HBO.

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