Gronk and Big Papi Star in Dunkin’ Donuts Ad *Boston Explodes* (Video)

dunkin' donuts

If you’re up on your New England stereotypes, then you’ll know that the only thing Boston residents love more than Gronk and Big Papi is, of course, Dunkin’ Donuts. So when all three beloved icons come together for a goofy ad, you better believe that Boston fans are going to need a cold shower and some smelling salts.

The video is ridiculous, but that’s the point. I mean, it’s not like a donut shop can do an ad with David Ortiz and Yo Soy Fiesta in earnest, right? To the songwriters’ credit, the tune is pretty catchy, but the vocal stylings of the two athletes just ruin it beyond repair.

Here’s the clip. Judge for yourself as to whether it’s REALLY ridiculous or just kinda ridiculous.

Mmmmm. Makes me hungry for some terrible donuts.

In my mind, they didn’t even have to send Gronk to wardrobe for this ad. He just showed up wearing that outfit with those glasses, and he was in and out of there in 20 minutes.

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