Jimmy Kimmel Asks ‘Can Michael Jordan Palm It?’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel

In a bit that harkens back to his hero David Letterman’s “Will It Float,” Jimmy Kimmel, in the spirit of the NBA Finals, went remote to Michael Jordan on a golf course to find out exactly what MJ can palm.

The name of the skit, of course, is “Can Michael Jordan Palm It?” And there’s an awesome little palm tree logo that either stands upright or falls over when MJ does or doesn’t palm something. Nice work, Jimmy Kimmel.

Turns out that there are some things he can, and some things he can’t. I don’t want to ruin it, but I will tell you off the bat that he has trouble with a disco ball.

Here’s the clip:

Of course, this probably means that LeBron James will have to appear next year to shake off comparisons to the greatest player of all-time, but that’s ok. He’s used to having to do that.

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