Kim Kardashian Rented Out the Staples Center for Kanye’s Birthday, Because That’s What Rich People Do (Pics)

kanye's birthday

What do you get the megalomaniac rap superstar who has everything? Well, if you’re Kim Kardashian and it’s Kanye‘s birthday, you rent out the Staples Center in Los Angeles and invite all his celebrity friends so they can have a playdate. After all, he rented out AT&T Park to propose to you.

Which celebrity friends were there? Well there were your Kardashians, obviously, like Kris and Khloe and Kylie and Kendall and Krusty and K-Fed. But they don’t really count, since they’re related. Non-related celebrity friends included NBA stars John Wall, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden, plus music industry folks like Tyga, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, and John Legend.

Oh, and Justin Bieber was there. Because Justin Bieber is everywhere.

The big basketball birthday bash was a surprise, obviously.

Happy Birthday To You…happy Birthday dear Kanye…… you @johnlegend #surpriseparty #staplescenter #johnlegend #family #NBAChampionshiptrophycake #yummy

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When they got there, Kim had a little all-star basketball game planned. It was East vs. West…get it?

And of course, they sang “Happy Birthday” and ate birthday cake shaped like the Larry O’Brien Trophy:

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And did I mention the Laker Girls were there too?

Rich people!

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