Need an NBA Playoff Recap with Mortal Kombat Fatalities? (Video)

NBA Playoffs

In case brackets and rundowns aren’t your thing, Bleacher Report put together a little clip for the ADHD generation. This video shows the progression of the NBA playoff saga documented not with highlights, but punctuating the winners with badass Mortal Kombat finishing moves.

So you don’t just see San Antonio lose to the Clippers, but you see them get their spine ripped out while still attached to their skull on the way to a Cavs-Warriors Finals…or something like that.

It’s pretty great, and it reminds you not to feel TOO bad for the NBA Playoff losers here, considering they’re likely all fishing or playing golf or getting bottle service somewhere right now.

Here’s the video. (Rated “M” for Mature)

Bonus points for Mark Cuban floating in a pool of toxic waste with the cartoon bubble saying, “I’m out!”

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