NBA Admits Refs Sucked During Game 2 of the NBA Finals

2015 NBA Finals - Iguodala Foul LeBron

We’re only hours away from tipoff to Game 3 of the NBA Finals, but for those who aren’t quite finished discussing the happenings of Game 2, they’ll be interested in hearing what the NBA had to say about the officiating during Sunday’s game at Oracle Arena: That is sucked!

Okay, so they didn’t use those exact words, but they may as well have when they came out and said that the crew of Zach Zarba, Scott Foster and Tony Brothers missed as many as three calls during the final two minutes of the Cavs’ 95-93 overtime victory.

Here are the three that they mentioned:

– With 1:37 remaining in OT, the Warriors’ Andre Iguodala hit LeBron James‘ arm during a field-goal attempt as the shot clock expired. Iguodala should have been called for a foul, but he wasn’t.

– On that same play, LeBron James moved his pivot foot and should have been called for a travel even before Iguodala fouled him during the shot. Neither call was made.

– During a jump ball between LeBron James and Draymond Green with 45 seconds remaining, Green held down James’ shoulder and prevented him from making an attempt at the ball. It was not called.

In addition to those three fouls, Draymond Green also committed a similar tipoff infraction at the start of overtime, this time on Tristan Thompson.  And then there was the blatant travel from LeBron James during the third quarter that they somehow missed.

It was some very sloppy officiating during what was, at times, a very sloppy game.  Hopefully the quality of the product improves for Game 3, while the level of suspense stays exactly the same.

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