The 15 NFL Players Arrested This Offseason (So Far)

nfl players arrested

If you’re in the NFL, getting arrested during the offseason is kind of like getting fired on a Friday—it’s just better for everyone involved. That’s probably why we see so many NFL players arrested this time of year. They want to get their crimes out of the way in between NFL seasons and so it doesn’t conflict with the legal pain and suffering they’ll inflict on the gridiron.

Today we’re going to run through all 15 of the NFL players arrested this offseason for crimes ranging from relatively minor (marijuana possession) to very serious (dog murder). Read and enjoy—or, I guess, read and be outraged? Telling you to enjoy a list of crimes sounds wrong now that I read it.

Also, if you are currently in the NFL, reading this, and thinking about committing a crime, don’t do it! I don’t want to have to add any more names to this list after I’m done writing it. It’s a big hassle.