Rays Pitcher Chris Archer Catches Unsolicited Air Kiss, Throws It Away Like a Boss (Video)

chris archer catches air kiss

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer could not be any hotter right now. Through 13 starts so far this season the 26-year-old has accumulated a minuscule 1.84 ERA, and over his last three starts he’s struck out 38 batters while walking zero.

Do you know the last starting pitcher to strike out that many batters over three starts without walking anybody? Yeah, that’s right. Nobody. No pitcher in Major League history has ever stuck out 38 batters over three starts without walking anybody.

So like I said, Chris Archer could not be any hotter. But now it turns out he’s not just really good at pitching. He’s also good at interacting with hecklers.

Just take a look at this scene from Friday night’s game in Seattle:

A Mariners fan blew Archer an unsolicited air kiss, so the guy caught it and threw it away like it was sewer garbage.

That’s a baller move right there. Chris Archer is now your new favorite pitcher.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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