WWE Stanley Cup Twitter Beef Between CM Punk and Hulk Hogan? Yes Please (Pic)

wwe stanley cup twitter beef

CM Punk, the longest-reigning WWE Champion of the “modern era,” was born and raised in Chicago. Hulk Hogan, the longest-reigning WWE Champion of the ’80s and third-longest reigning champion all-time, grew up and still lives in Tampa.

What does that mean? Given the Blackhawks and Lightning are battling it out in the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals, it means we’ve got a full-fledged WWE Stanley Cup Twitter beef on our hands. Which is fantastic.

It all started when Hogan appeared on NBC’s pre-game of Game 1 in Tampa last Thursday, when the host prompted Hogan to respond to criticism of the Tampa hockey community, and Hogan responded by getting the names of the Lightning coach and captain wrong:

Then things escalated when CSN Chicago gave CM Punk a microphone ahead of Game 3 in Chicago on Monday night:

After the Lightning won Game 3 to take a 2-1 series lead, Hogan then took their feud to Twitter:

And of course, Punk was happy to respond:

The 2015 Stanley Cup Finals have featured absolutely exhilarating hockey, and I didn’t think anything could possibly improve it. But I was wrong. A Twitter feud between WWE legends definitely improves it.

The only sad thing is that this feud will not end in the ring. The Hulkster has a Legends contract with the WWE. However, CM Punk left the WWE in 2014 citing health concerns, subsequently got into a (real) feud with management, and has vowed never to return.


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