Fabricio Werdum Gets Asked to Kick Reporter, Obliges (Video)

Fabricio Werdum

Now, there isn’t enough room in that headline to tell the whole story, so let me be clear: Fabricio Werdum was asked BY THE REPORTER to kick him in the leg. It’s not like the interim UFC heavyweight champ is running around as some thug for hire, kicking people when asked.

Though that would be funny.

A reporter, Aaron Tru, has a history of doing this type of thing, so it wasn’t completely surprising when he asked Fabricio Werdum if he wanted to give him a smack in the back of the leg. However, the fallout was terrific. Werdum did as he was asked and, despite offering up a cream pie of a kick, sent the reporter to the ground in agony.

Does it sound funny? Because it was funny. Here’s the video:

It’s a good thing that Werdum’s got his form down, because he’s showing up at UFC 188 on Saturday to fight Cain Velasquez to unify the heavyweight belt and quiet the doubters.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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