HS Baseball Player Saves Ump’s Life with CPR

HS baseball player

CPR training paid off big time for both a victim and a hero on Monday night, as HS baseball player Mike Brodzinski likely saved the life of a collapsed umpire in the middle of play.

Brodzinski had reached second base on a double when he noticed that the ump behind home plate had collapsed. The player ran to aid the fallen man and performed CPR on him until paramedics arrived.

Now is probably an excellent time to note that the HS baseball player had received training from the Darby Fire Company in Darby, PA, as a volunteer.

Here’s a Tweet of thanks from the Folcroft Police, giving Mike big ups for the heroic measures he took:

A name hasn’t been attributed to the umpire, who is recovering of an unknown condition in the hospital, but he definitely owes this kid a beer…

…once the kid turns 21, of course.

Hat Tip – [Darby Fire Co.]

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