Kobe Bryant Tweet Sums Up LeBron’s Shot Selection Very Nicely

Kobe Bryant Tweet

Kobe Bryant may not be on the court for this year’s NBA Finals, but that’s not going to stop him from having some opinions about the proceedings. The Black Mamba was tagged in a Tweet suggesting that LeBron was taking some Kobe-esque shots last night, and the Lakers star responded with a very simple mantra that is looking more true every game of this Finals.

Here’s the original Tweet and the Kobe Bryant Tweet following it:

Kobe Bryant Tweet - LeBron James shooting

No, Kobe, I suppose you can’t.

I guess, for the purposes of this throwaway Tweet, Steph Curry would be the butter knife? And Dellavedova would be the giant sledgehammer that comes crashing down on the dinner table right after the dessert course?

Maybe I’m mixing my metaphors up here, but that sounds about right to me. Let’s see who the butter knife is in Game 4.

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