Davidson Wildcats Sports Info Director Finally Figures Out Why He’s Been Getting Hundreds of Calls Asking for Steph Curry (Pic)

Steph Curry Davidson Wildcats

Back in February, Davidson Wildcats sports information director Joey Beeler started getting phone calls from fans—mostly kids—asking to talk to Steph Curry. Which is weird. Yes, Steph Curry went to Davidson, the small North Carolina liberal arts college. But he doesn’t work there now. He’s been playing for the Warriors since 2009.

Nevertheless, the more famous Curry got, the more calls Beeler got.

“Hello, um, can you tell Stephen Curry that he did good at his game today and that he’s my No. 1 fan,” said one kid’s voicemail. “Hey, I’m just trying to talk to Steph Curry and see can I play for the Golden State Warriors,” said another.

Things reached a crescendo earlier this week. On Sunday Beeler got 19 calls asking for or about Curry, and on Monday he got 23. So on Tuesday he changed his office phone number. Then he did some digging on the internet and finally figured out what the hell was going on.

Turns out that, seven years ago, somebody posted a question on Yahoo! Answers asking how to get in touch with Steph Curry. And at the time, seeing as how he was a sophomore at Davidson, somebody suggested emailing or calling the sports information director. And that somebody listed the phone number.

So that’s what happened. A bunch of kids have been Googling “How to contact Steph Curry” and getting that page. Which is absolutely amazing.

Want to actually listen to some of the adorable messages? Head on over to the Charlotte Observer. They have some audio.

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