Here’s a Grown Man Crying After Touching LeBron’s Hand (Video)


Meeting your hero is always a tricky thing to do. There’s very little chance you’ll come off as anything other than a starstruck fan, and anything done to prevent you from doing so will just make you look like a weirdo. However, make a not to conduct yourself better than this guy did after a game from the Bulls-Cavs conference semi-finals. It’s pretty painful to watch.

First the video, then the recap:

He’s really working for those tears. You know what the only thing worse than a grown man crying is? A grown man TRYING to cry. It automatically makes you look like you’re about 8 years old, trying to get something you want.

Also, this dude didn’t even meet LeBron. He touched LeBron. LeBron’s hand. He didn’t even make eye contact with LeBron. You can’t cry after that! I mean, you can, but you’ll end up looking like this dude.

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