Jimmy Kimmel’s Guillermo Visits NBA Media Day Again (Video)


Although the NBA Finals media day actually took place before the series between Cleveland and Golden State got underway, there’s something fun about watching Jimmy Kimmel‘s Guillermo needle these guys now, amid the high tensions.

This isn’t the first time that Guillermo has gone to bother the NBA elite. He did it last year in the Heat-Spurs series, and we saw him screwing with Iman Shumpert late last week. All in good fun.

Now, we’ve got the produced segment. It’s fair to say that many NBA players didn’t enjoy being the straight man in response to Guillermo’s antics. I can’t say I blame them. But I also can’t really say that I care. Deal with it, athletes.

Here’s the clip from Jimmy Kimmel’s show:

It’s actually way funnier than it should be. I don’t want to give away too much, but when Guillermo gets J.R. Smith to sign a net (personalized, no less), I couldn’t stop laughing.