Did LeBron James Just Flash His Junk on Live TV? (Video)

LeBron James‘ play has been the story of the first three games during these NBA Finals.  It looks like his junk may be the talk of Game 4, after he flashed it on live television prior to the start of tonight’s contest.

You can see the action that revealed King James’ junk to the viewers on ESPN in the Vine below, via The Cauldron.

(It’s really hard to see anything in this clip of the LeBron James wardrobe malfunction, but those with exceptional eyesight may want to consider it NSFW):

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For those who couldn’t catch a good glimpse in the video above, The Cauldron also has a pretty good still frame, which is definitely NSFW, here.

I wonder who the FCC goes after for this epic wardrobe malfunction: LeBron James or ESPN? My money is on ESPN.  They’ve always had a reputation for giving us more LeBron than we need to see.  Something like this was bound to happen at some point.

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