Stanley Cup Final Playoff Beard Power Rankings

stanley cup final playoff beard power rankings

The 2015 Stanley Cup Final has been better than anyone could have imagined. And I’m not just talking about the games, all of which have come down to the wire. I’m also talking about the Stanley Cup Final playoff beards, which have been nothing short of tremendous.

Of course, it wouldn’t be that way if NBC Sports chairman Mark Lazarus had his way. Earlier this week Lazarus admitted that he asked the NHL and NHLPA to get rid of playoff beards so they could market hockey players as sexy, clean-shaven boys next door. Which is, of course, a terrible idea.

Thankfully, the NHL and the NHLPA were like, um, no. So the playoff beard is alive and well. And to celebrate, today we bring you our 2015 Stanley Cup Final Playoff Beard Power Rankings.  

Take a look.