This Arm-Wrestling Arm Break Is The Worst Thing Ever (Video)

Ben Ross Arm-Wrestling Arm Break

Former NRL rugby stars Ben Ross and Wendell Sailor made an appearance on a live Australian television show called The Footy Show tonight. (Yes, it’s already “tonight” in Australia.)

The point of their appearance was to take part in a charitable arm-wrestling match intended to benefit the Men of League charity.  Unfortunately, Ross may now have to use some of the proceeds to pay for his medical bills after he suffered a nasty arm break during the battle.

It’s probably one of the most gruesome videos you’ll watch all year, so proceed with caution.  I REPEAT: PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!

When you hear a rugby player screaming like that, you know it has to be one of the most painful injuries ever.

After cutting to a commercial, Ross was taken off the set and transported to a local hospital.  Reports indicate that he was in good spirits during the ride, which is good to hear.

I guess Rocky Balboa was right: Sometimes charity really does hurt.

Hat Tip – [SMH]


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