Torii Hunter Flips Out on Called Strikes, Gets Tossed (Video)

Torii Hunter ejected

Lesson to Torii Hunter: If you’re going to argue over called strikes, make sure that you’re right in your argument.

The Minnesota Twins star was taking an at-bat against Kansas City when he argued over two successive pitches called as strikes. The first one he thought was too high (it was RIGHT down the middle), and the second one was outside (though it seemed to be awfully close).

Torii Hunter bit his tongue after the first pitch, but got way up in the ump‘s face following¬†the second one. At that point, he proceeds to¬†gab away for about 15-20 seconds, then gets the boot from the home plate ump. No sooner than that does manager Paul Molitor arrive, only to find himself ejected a few seconds later as well.

Here’s the clip. Try not to get ejected as you watch it.

After the ejections is when the real fun starts. Molitor and Hunter continue to give it to the ump in stereo, and eventually Hunter becomes more unhinged, taking off his helmet, dropping his bat, then taking off his shinguards and his jersey.

Yeah, he basically stripped on-field. That’s what happens when you give him called strikes.

Then we have to watch the batboy clean that mess up for 60 seconds when it’s all over. Terrible. Just terrible.

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