5 Signs the New LeBron is Here to Stay (and 4 Signs He Isn’t)

lebron james head injury

LeBron James has long been the most divisive player in the NBA. Very few deny his talent, but the mere mention of his name sparks discussion (arguments, really) about his place in NBA history, and the dreaded concept of “unrealized potential.” Clouding for many his MVP awards, perennial All-Star appearances, and NBA championships is the fact that he doesn’t have the killer instinct that Michael Jordan (or even Kobe Bryant) had over their careers. The argument goes that all the talent in the world won’t replace heart.

Whereas Michael would shut up and win come hell or high water, LeBron would rather be exist among many stars, and valued fun, comfort, and stardom more than winning. It’s a pretty damning indictment, and one that is often supported with his flopping, lack of clutch performances, and demeanor that’s more goofy than cutthroat.

Well, we’re four games into the NBA Finals with things are all tied up at 2-2, and most fans are either sitting with their mouth agape from LeBron’s tour de force performance or keeping their mouth shut, waiting to see if this guy is for real.

Well, is he? Below, we have five reasons he is, and four reasons he isn’t. Read and see which side you fall on.