Cavs Fans Were Given This to Boo During Warriors Free Throws (Pic)

cavs fans

I would think that Cavs fans wouldn’t need any extra motivation to boo during Golden State’s free throws during Game 4 of the NBA Finals, but that’s just me underestimating how much Ohio folks hate Michigan. The mad geniuses behind Quicken Loans Arena’s video board put up a giant Michigan logo during Warriors’ free throws to get the Cavs fans to boo.

And it worked. Here’s a pretty awesome Tweet of the goings-on:

It’s not exactly brain surgery, but no one professed that it was hard to control the emotions of Cavs fans. Or any fans, for that matter.

Apparently, they’ve been doing this for much of the season, not just with Michigan, but lots of different things people love and/or hate, depending on the reaction they’re trying to get.

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