Colts Hang Sad 2014 AFC Finalist Banner from the Rafters at Lucas Oil Stadium (Pic)

Colts 2014 AFC Finalist banner

The Indianapolis Colts did not win the 2014 AFC Championship Game. As you probably recall, the Patriots won because they’re dirty no-good cheaters.

The Colts, though, they sure tried their gosh-darned hardest. And it wasn’t their fault that Tom Brady‘s balls were too soft. So this week Jim Irsay and company officially recognized their solid effort in the 2014 AFC Championship Game by hanging a lovely blue 2014 AFC Finalist banner from the rafters at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Seriously, isn’t that just the saddest thing you ever saw? It’s the NFL equivalent of a t-ball participation trophy.

In fairness, though, the Colts have been honoring their AFC Finalist teams with banners long before current ownership took over. Look at this one from 1995!

Wait, what? The Irsays have owned the Colts since 1972?

Okay nevermind, that’s just lame.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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