J.J. Watt Does His Schwarzenegger Impression for Arnie at the CMT Awards (Video)

Schwarzenegger and Watt - CMT Awards

J.J. Watt is known for a lot of things, but mostly, he’s known for (in no particular order): bleeding from his face, jumping on boxes, spending his offseason in a luxury cabin, and crashing little kids’ football practices.

But recently, he took to a Texans promo video to share with the world his Schwarzenegger impression. It’s pretty good. I suggest you take a look if you don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.

Apparently it’s good enough that Arnie himself caught wind of it, because they were both at the CMT Awards when Arnie took a selfie video of the two of them. And it was Watt’s time to shine for the action star/politician.

Here’s the video:

I found my best impersonator, @justinjames99 at the @cmt awards. #CMTAwards

A video posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger) on

Arnie’s loving it!

Why were the two of them at a country music awards show? And why is J.J. Watt dressed like a honkey-tonk Pinocchio? I have no idea. But it certainly doesn’t hurt the humor factor here, which is held steady at like a 9.3 due to circumstances and Schwarzeneger’s giant head barely contained in frame.

Now let’s see Arnie do a J.J. Watt impression.

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