Former FIFA Exec Jack Warner Responded to John Oliver’s Attack on Trinidadian TV, and It Was Hilarious (Videos)

john oliver buys time on trinidadian tv to rip FIFA exec jack warner

Last week, corrupt former FIFA executive Jack Warner purchased airtime on Trinidadian TV station CCN TV 6. He used that time to make all sorts of ridiculous accusations about FIFA rigging Trinidadian elections, then threatened to release a bunch of incriminating documents.

This week, comedian John Oliver responded to that bizarre TV spot, mocking Warner’s claims and encouraging him to turn on FIFA and release all the incriminating documents.

But Oliver didn’t just do it on his show, Last Week Tonight. Oliver purchased four and a half minutes of airtime on Trinidad’s CCN TV6—pre-empting Mike and Molly, apparently—to make sure Jack Warner saw it.

Take a look:

Of course, Jack Warner responded to Oliver in the most Jack Warner way possible. (Remember the video in which he cites an Onion article as eveidence of an American conspiracy?) He purchased more time on TV6 to run a video criticizing TV6 for letting an American (yeah, he thinks John Oliver is American) make fun of their country.

Check it out:

How about that dramatic score, huh? Really sets the tone!

Of course, Warner is right about one thing. Oliver’s attempt to speak Trinidadian was well-intentioned but ill-advised. That said, he didn’t make fun of the way Trinidadians look, and he didn’t make fun of their culture.

As for Warner’s critique of TV 6…dude, come on. You willingly turned your head to human rights atrocities in Qatar in exchange for a few million bucks. I don’t think CCN TV6 taking money from John Oliver for four minutes of airtime is on the same level.

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